"Culture first appears to us as knowledge of what has made man other than an accident of the universe."

"Culture is like jam: the less you have, the more you spread it. "

"Mass society does not want culture but leisure."
Hannah Arendt

This selection of articles offers you all kinds of subjects related to the culture, the knowledge and the artistic universe: concert, spectacle, architecture, exhibition, museums etc ...


Exhibition Cinemapolis Nice
Yves Saint Laurent's Asian Dream Exhibition in Nice
Visit the Matisse Museum in Nice
Art Nice in the old town of Nice
Exposition Glass is Biot Iful
Meyer et Bernini at Nice
The Saint Sépulcre Chaptel
Massena Museum in Nice
The Naive Art Museum of Nice
Saint Hospice Chapel
The Bartoux Gallery in Monaco
Visit the Wesselmann exhibition at Villa Paloma (NMNM)
Visit the Chagall Museum in Nice
The Museum of Natural History of Nice
Jules Chéret Museum of Fine Arts in Nice
Expo Venet "Conceptual Years" at Mamac in Nice