Discover until early October 2019, and even then, withsome photos here, the exhibition of high fashion clothes presented at the Asian Arts Museum in Nice West in the business district of Arenas, near the airport .

Asian passion in the creations of Yves Saint Laurent

Exposition Yves Saint Laurent à Nice

The ground floor of the Musée des Arts Asiatiques, dedicated to the Saint Laurent exhibition occupies a large room in L. It is proving to be a real success, the public paying in a certain way homage to the work of the couturier.
Outfits, costumes, jewelery and photographs allow visitors to discover the Japanese, Indian and Chinese influences of the famous French couturier. Explanatory panels, simple and very didactic, detail Yves Saint Laurent's Asian-inspired creative journey.
The forms of traditional clothing, reinterpreted here, the drape and the details of the luxurious fabrics are highlighted by parsimonious lighting, at the edge of the penumbra, which emphasizes the forms and paces. Drawings, annotations, objects are also visible.
Bright colors compete with sober blacks and whites in a style between classicism and sobriety on one side and joy and liveliness worn by bright reds, purples and greens on the other.
The fabrics, visible from very close, allow to appreciate the delicacy of the work in the field of haute couture and to admire the ornaments and details.
A screen at the entrance of the room broadcasts a documentary on the theme of the exhibition.
The exhibition comes from the Yves Saint Laurent museum in Paris, located in the former couturier studios of his mansion, at 5 avenue Marceau in the 16th arrondissement of the capital:

Exposition Yves Saint Laurent Nice 11
Exposition Yves Saint Laurent Nice 2
Exposition Yves Saint Laurent Nice 4
Exposition Yves Saint Laurent Nice 5
Exposition Yves Saint Laurent Nice 6
Exposition Yves Saint Laurent Nice 3
Exposition Yves Saint Laurent Nice 7
Exposition Yves Saint Laurent Nice 8
Exposition Yves Saint Laurent Nice 9

This exhibition, in a certain way prefigures the carnival of Nice 2020, whose theme will be fashion. We imagine that Yves Saint Laurent will figure prominently on one of the tanks probably surrounded by his most famous models.

Take advantage of your visit to visit the permanent exhibitions and enjoy the very oriental and sober architecture of the building. If you have time, do not miss Phoenix Park and its giant greenhouse, home to tropical plants.