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"Culture first appears to us as knowledge of what has made man other than an accident of the universe."

"Culture is like jam: the less you have, the more you spread it. "

"Mass society does not want culture but leisure."
Hannah Arendt

This selection of articles offers you all kinds of subjects related to the culture, the knowledge and the artistic universe: concert, spectacle, architecture, exhibition, museums etc ...


Exhibition Cinemapolis Nice

Exhibition Cinemapolis Nice

The beautiful Masséna museum in Nice, along the "Promenade des Anglais", hosts until September 30, 2019 an exhibition entitled "Nice, Cinémapolis" and devoted to the filmography of the capital of the Riviera. Some pictures and for once a look a little critical, on this exhibition that is nevertheless worth seeing.

Yves Saint Laurent's Asian Dream Exhibition in Nice

Yves Saint Laurent's Asian Dream Exhibition in Nice

Discover until early October 2019, and even then, withsome photos here, the exhibition of high fashion clothes presented at the Asian Arts Museum in Nice West in the business district of Arenas, near the airport .

Matisse Museum in Nice

Visit the Matisse Museum in Nice

Perched on the heights of the city, the museum Matisse is located in the immediate vicinity of the arena of Cimiez and a garden of olive trees of the same name. A few words and pictures to discover the museum dedicated to the artist who lived in Nice until his death.

Art Nice Sébastien Di Natale

Art Nice in the old town of Nice

Discovering the artistic achievements of Sébastien Di Natale at 2 rue droite in the old town: metallic sculpture in two or three dimensions of the famous blue chairs but also jewels and paintings. The opportunity for us to share a crush with some images and info.

Exposition Glass is Biot Iful

Exposition Glass is Biot Iful

Some images of an exhibition in Biot, devoted to glassware, the art of blowing, deforming, kneading glass to transform it into an object of art.

Meyer and Bernini Bookstore

Meyer et Bernini at Nice

A storefront that invites to approach the window. The beautiful books, objects and photographs exposed art incite to enter this beautiful bookstore located in Nice at 15 rue de l'Escarene a few steps from the green flow and high school Massena. Some words and pictures to see and know more.

The Saint Sépulcre Chaptel

The Saint Sépulcre Chaptel

A small chapel, sheltering the blue penitents, is located, almost hidden, under the large vaults, of the Garibaldi place. Some pictures to encourage you to come to discover this place, true treasure of the Nice patrimony.

Massena Museum

Massena Museum in Nice

This museum in Nice houses local collections mainly from the late 19th (after the attachment of the County of Nice to France in 1860).
The museum was completely redone ten years ago. Some words and pictures to help you discover the place.

Naive Art Museum of Nice

The Naive Art Museum of Nice

Slightly eccentric from the city center, surrounded by a very pleasant garden, the Naïve Art Museum will offer you a moment of relaxation facing original and unexpected art works.

Saint Hospice Chapel

Saint Hospice Chapel

At the top of the Pointe Saint Hospice in the town of the almost island of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat sits a small chapel that deserves a visit. A monumental virgin to the child welcomes visitors. Discover the place with 360 ° photos.

Bartoux Gallery in Monaco

The Bartoux Gallery in Monaco

At the bend of a stroll, strolling through the streets of the Principality, we discover a painting by Marc Chagall in the window, a few meters from the taxiway. The wide open door and the friendly welcome reveal many other masterpieces.

Wesselmann at Villa Paloma NMNM

Visit the Wesselmann exhibition at Villa Paloma (NMNM)

The museum, arranged on 4 levels, exhibits as its name indicates so-called works of modern art. The occasion of a visit of the beautiful exhibition of Tom Wesselmann "The promise of Happiness" on the theme of female nudity but also masculine.

Chagall Museum in Nice

Visit the Chagall Museum in Nice

Slightly up in the city, at the foot of the Cimiez hill, is one of the most beautiful museums in Nice. Large brightly colored paintings, very inspired, will give you, if necessary, energy overflowing.

Museum of Natural History of Nice

The Museum of Natural History of Nice

The oldest museum in the city of Nice, the Natural History Museum will make you discover or rediscover the animal and vegetable species that occupy the French Riviera, but also the Southern Alps.

Museum of Fine Arts in Nice

Jules Chéret Museum of Fine Arts in Nice

The Museum of Fine Arts in Nice is one of our favorite museums on the Frenc Riviera. The place is located a little out of the heart of the city and the area of old Nice. Many paintings are spread over two floors arranged in large rooms. Many masterpieces adorn the walls.

Expo Venet Conceptual Years

Expo Venet "Conceptual Years" at Mamac in Nice

The conceptual years, an exhibition of Bernar Venet who can visit until January 13, 2019 at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nice (Mamac). The artist is interested here in scientific and mathematical abstractions. An expo pleasant to visit, which surprises, as often at Mamac.

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