Discover transport activities and bicycle races with Maxime Le Nocher from the friendly and efficient Nice company LeLien. 170,000 km traveled by bike in Nice since 2010...

Bicycle Courier in Nice

The chance of a meeting in town gave us the desire to present you the possibilities of transport by bike, this fits into the section of the blog dealing with "Nice mobility".

Hipster bike, work bike or cargo bike?

Coursier vélo cargo à Nice LeLienCycling in the city is occupying a growing place both on asphalt and in societal and political debates, here in Nice and all hover the world. Almost no consensus. Some consider this use reserved for bohemians (bourgeois bohemians) disconnected from reality. Others, on the contrary, defending the idea that bicycles offer many advantages, in terms of traffic flow, reduction of pollution with deadly fine particles etc ... Vast debate, as always a lot of certainties on both sides other, who turned to conflict on social networks eager for castagne ... And the desire, on our side, to give voice, to enlighten, a professional road cyclist.

Professional bicycle users

Nice will receive, at the end of August 2020, the worldwide famous Tour de France for professional cyclists. Other professionals, not competitive sportspeople, also use the bicycle as a travel tool such as the police, letter carriers, not to mention the cohort of Uber deliverers.

Interview and discussion with Maxime Le Nocher, owner of a bicycle delivery company

The man of the dynamic style, sportsman having participated on several occasions in cargo bike competitions, answers the questions asked by presenting, in French language the services of his small structure (its history, why have created this company, growth, number of employees, passion cycling, sports), its customers (professionals and individuals, area of ​​activity, target audiences, example of prices, operation) but also its feedback in terms of sharing the route with cars and two motorized wheels (compliance with the highway code, the eyes of other users, safety, accidents, traffic jams and traffic, etc.). He also presents to us, for the greatest pleasure of technophiles, his electrically assisted cargo bikes (operation, range, power uphill, driving relative to length, carrying capacity). Bikes that we have tried and which deserve a little time to get started but which prove to be very functional and practical with fairly impressive carrying capacities.

Video interview (subtitle translation possible on Youtube)

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Note that LeLien favors local businesses in Nice as much as possible. It also benefits sponsorship of the excellent bakery "Mama Baker" 13 Rue de Lepante in Nice, of the roaster "Cafés Indien" 35 Rue Pairolière in Nice, of Bollé (sunglasses, masks , ski and bicycle helmet etc ...) and Le Coq Sportif (sports clothing, bicycle, football, rugby etc.)

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