A small chapel set in a Tuscan garden surrounded by cypresses and olive trees housing a museum and a small photo exhibition.

A chapel right next to the Minotaur's lair

Moungins Notre Dame de Vie

Pablo Picasso ends his life in Mougins in a beautiful house, now sold, located just next to the Chapel of "Notre Dame de Vie". It is reached in about ten minutes by car from the village. The end of the journey takes place on a road drivable but narrow, a large parking of fifty places will allow you to park. The atmosphere is very quiet especially by the low attendance and the residential character of the neighborhood.

The chapel was built in the Middle Ages, then rebuilt and renovated several times to become listed as a historic monument in 1927. The chapel was once linked to the Abbey of Lérins. The city of Mougins undertook the last major renovation in 2012, thanks in particular to numerous regional, departmental and public subscription grants.

The visit will take you only about few minutes, at most a small hour. The chapel will offer you a little coolness and a moment of calm. Many ex voto testify the thanks of the visitors to the Blessed Virgin for all kinds of happy help ...
A tiny museum, on the ground floor, tells the story of the place through a few artefacts, archaeological pieces. A painting depicting white penitents from Grasse in procession at the chapel. The brotherhoods of penitents work for the needy and needy, we invite you to visit our blog article dedicated to the chapel of the Holy Sepulcre in Nice on Garibaldi Square.
The two floors exhibit about fifteen beautiful photographs of Lucien Clergue representing for the most part his friend Pablo Picasso. Note a window to the floors offering a beautiful view of the nearby sea but invisible from below, as well as the Bay of Cannes and the Esterel mountains.

A garden surrounds the chapel, on one side enclosed and decorated with olive tree and on the other side occupied by alleys of cypresses. Many celebrities visited the place. The names of Chaplin, Churchill, Cocteau, Rostropovitch, Rubinstein appear, for example in the tourist documentation of Mougins.

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  • Every days in July and August from 10h to 12h30 - 14h to 19h
  • Every Week End of May , June and September from 10h to 12h30 - 14h to 19h
  • Every Sundayss from october to April from 10h to 16h

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