Invited by the diocese of Nice to the inauguration and installation of three new paintings adorning the Cathedral Sainte-Réparate in the old towm of Nice, we offer you some images and impressions of this pleasant moment, which took place in the presence of Monseigneur Marceau, Bishop of Nice and the painter Hugo Bogo.

A rare moment with the creation of three large contemporary paintings in the midst of works dating back several centuries

The equestrian order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem was entrusted with the animation of one of the chapels of the cathedral of old Nice. This order deals with the Christian community in the Holy Land in the form of various charitable activities intended also for all the communities on the spot.
The bishop of Nice in consultation with the order of chivalry entrusted to the Nice artist Hugo Bogo the creation of three original works to illustrate and decorate this chapel? which burned on December 25, 1986.Tableaux Saint Reparate Hugo Bogo

A long-term painting job

The painter worked in consultation with the religious authorities especially concerning the iconography of the works. Jerusalem and the tomb of Christ being at the center of the themes related to the order of the Holy Sepulcher.
The triptych represents Jesus lying on the left and Mary Magdalene crying at her feet (picture of 2.3m by 1.7m). The central painting represents the appearance of Christ (3m x 1.8m) and finally the work on the right represents Mary Magdalene running to announce to the disciples that Jesus is alive (2.3m by 1.7m).

A beautiful day of inauguration

The inauguration on May 11, 2019, attracted many faithful, curious and tourists passing through. It was preceded by a press conference and followed by an aperitif. The bishop of Nice accompanied by the priests of the Cathedral spoke, as well as Hugo Bogo who took the time, with emotion, to describe his work and his career. Not to mention the usual thanks to the donors who made this work possible.
This inauguration, in the fragrant light of incense, was solemn but also joyous and alive.

Some pictures of the inauguration

Tableaux Saint Reparate Hugo Bogo 6
Tableaux Saint Reparate Hugo Bogo 10
Tableaux Saint Reparate Hugo Bogo 11
Tableaux Saint Reparate Hugo Bogo 2
Tableaux Saint Reparate Hugo Bogo 3
Tableaux Saint Reparate Hugo Bogo 4
Tableaux Saint Reparate Hugo Bogo 1
Tableaux Saint Reparate Hugo Bogo 5
Tableaux Saint Reparate Hugo Bogo 7
Tableaux Saint Reparate Hugo Bogo 8

Video of the inauguration

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