An interesting, too little known place in Nice that we suggest you discover in pictures, especially if the subject of prehistory interests you or if intellectual curiosity is one of your qualities.

Well-thought-out educational facilities

Located a few hundred meters as the crow flies from the Terra Amata museum, the two tours complement each other perfectly. The cave is located a little after the port of Nice (33 bis boulevard Franck Pilatte) which you may have crossed with Lou Passagin, and before the Cap de Nice. Perched a little above the big blue, it is located just next to the old seat of the administrative court of Nice, hidden at the bottom of a beautiful garden in Nice.

Video captures of the places

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The place installed in a lush green space is divided into several spaces. The garden itself hosts explanatory panels, educational works of art (animal sculptures, etc.), an area for guided tours and educational workshops. A reception room where you will be explained the course of the visit but where you can also buy books relating to prehistory, in particular the excellent book by Yuval Noah Harari "Sapiens". A little further a small room presents the work of archaeologists, as well as prehistoric remains (skulls, tools etc.). A mannequin represents a hominid living on the spot between 120,000 years and 190,000 years ago. Truer than life it will impress the little ones for whom the visit is partly designed.

The cave itself is located a few tens of meters further protected by a large portal. A first small corridor offers explanatory panels before entering the cave itself. A kind of scaffolding allows you to enter to the bottom of the earth's entrails. Please note that visiting the cave is not possible all the time, but only at specific times. Rather than giving you information that may become obsolete, we recommend that you visit the website of the General Council which manages the premises here.

Virtual tour HD 360°

Click on the purple links to move in the virtual visit or on the globe Localisation sur une carte to view a map of 360 ° views and access them.

Recently a very successful animation in the form of holographic sound and light, in three dimensions, offers visitors very well done and interesting explanations. A few short video clips on this page will hopefully make you want to come and visit the place. Quality welcome on the day of our visit. Teachers in the region regularly bring their young and old students to the site. Free entry as for the nearby Lympia gallery and the Asian Arts museum in Nice Ouest. One hour is enough to visit the site except to follow the guided tour (3 euros / person).

Photos Lazaret Cave

Grotte Lazaret 10
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Grotte Lazaret 17
Grotte Lazaret 19
Grotte Lazaret 2
Grotte Lazaret 20
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Grotte Lazaret 7
Grotte Lazaret 1
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Grotte Lazaret 9

Detailed explanations (French language) concerning the Lazaret cave